Timberland Icons: A Timeless Staple

From our world-famous 6-inch boots to our iconic boat shoes, Timberland has been crafting classic footwear for decades. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the rich history of some of our most well-known styles. Plus, get a glimpse into our dedication to innovation and craftsmanship – a driving force since the very beginning.


Origins of some of our icons

At Timberland, we’ve always been driven by the pursuit of innovation. In 1973, we introduced the now-iconic waterproof leather boot, known back then as the "Original Yellow Boot". In addition to the boots’ eye-catching hue and standout shaping, thick nubuck leather and injection moulded soles were some of the main features that set these hardy shoes apart. Soon, they were being worn by workers in a variety of rugged trades, such as construction, forestry, agriculture and many more.

1979 meanwhile saw the launch of our original boat shoe. Originally designed for life on the water, the shoes’ renown and use soon spread much further afield, thanks to their grippy soles, easy-to-wear styling and rugged construction. 

In the 1980s, Timberland began catering to men and women across a wide range of shoes, clothing and accessories. The 1990s meanwhile saw the launches of our high-performance hiking and marine gear. The decade also saw the introduction of the Active Comfort Technology (ACT) system in 1995.

Since then, Timberland has only continued to innovate. Recently, initiatives such as the Timberloop™ program and drives towards more considered energy and materials use have helped us make big strides in sustainability.


Timberland Icons and Originals: Deep Dive

At Timberland, we produce dozens of styles of footwear for just about every need - work boots, rugged outdoor footwear, and options for simple day-to-day style. Yet there are still a handful of products that set the Timberland brand apart. Here, we take a closer look at some of our true icons.


Timberland 6-Inch boots: A cultural phenomenon

Perhaps the most recognisable product in the Timberland range is our 6-inch boot. Over the years, these boots have grown far beyond the world of workwear, becoming a symbol of urban fashion that’s been seen on catwalks, the high street and even the red carpet.

Known for their distinctive design, durability, and comfort, the 6-inch boots remain an icon. Suitable for nearly all tough environments yet with a design that makes them a standout any day, these hardy shoes are all about blending fashion and function, for the ultimate rugged experience in footwear.


How to style the Timberland 6-inch boot

There are various ways you can style your 6-inch boots. For a classic look, pair your 6-inch boots with a great pair of slim-fit, dark denim jeans. Opt for a rolled cuff at the ankle if you’d like to showcase the boots to the best effect. On top, go for a plain white T-shirt layered with a flannel shirt. Or grab a vintage tee and layer with a denim jacket.

For colder weather, a bomber jacket or parka in earth tones like olive green or navy is a great way to complement the boots' outdoorsy aesthetic. Accessorise with a leather belt and a beanie if the weather calls for it. 

Boat shoes: Where comfort and style meet

Want a shoe that matches comfort and easy-wearing style with every step? While their roots might lie in the maritime world, these iconic shoes are ideal for everything from nautical adventures to the everyday.


How to style Timberland boat shoes

If you’re going for a casual but still put-together look, pair your boat shoes with a pair of chino shorts in colours like beige, khaki or navy. A breathable, linen button-up shirt or a polo on top adds a classic feel, without looking overly dressy.

When the weather is cooler, swap the shorts for full-length chinos and add a crewneck sweater or a casual blazer. As for accessories, go for a canvas belt or a classic watch. In general, avoid socks, or opt for no-show socks to keep with the shoes’ sleek silhouette.

Waterproof boots: Defying the elements for generations

When it comes to battling the elements, Timberland’s waterproof boots have been a go-to for decades. Whether you’re facing rain or snow, our commitment to using only high-quality materials and innovative waterproofing technology make these hardy shoes ideal for wet-weather companions.


How to style Timberland waterproof boots

When styling your waterproof boots opt for straight-leg or slightly tapered jeans, making sure the jeans are loose enough to rest over the boot. Layer with a thermal or woollen shirt in plaid or a solid colour. Next, add accessories like a knitted hat, canvas backpack, and a pair of leather gloves to complement the boots' utilitarian charm. 


Timberland Chelsea boot: The epitome of urban chic

Merging the traditional Chelsea boot design with Timberland’s rugged aesthetic, Timberland Chelsea boots are as comfortable and hard-wearing as they are stylish. In other words, they’re a great pair of shoes to bridge the gap between casual and formal.


Styling Timberland Chelsea boots

For a sleek, urban look, pair your Chelsea boots with slim-fit chinos or tailored trousers in shades like charcoal, navy or black. A crisp, white button-down shirt is a great choice here, while a fitted blazer or a wool overcoat elevates the look if you’re headed to a more formal event.  

For a relaxed style that’s perfect for everyday, match your Chelsea boots with dark, slim jeans, a crew neck sweater or your favourite casual button-up. Layering with a leather jacket or a chunky knit cardigan will add a dose of texture and depth.

If you are still looking for the perfect outfit to bring the best out of your Chelsea boots you can get more styling ideas with our guide on how to style men's Chelsea boots.


A new generation of iconic footwear

From our versatile boat shoes to the iconic 6-inch boots, every shoe we create embodies the essence of Timberland – rugged functionality matched with timeless style. 

Want to grab your pair of Icons or Originals? Shop the range today. Plus, check out our other clothing and accessories, for everything you need.

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