{ "componentInPageShop": { "en": { "colours": "Colours", "sizes": "Sizes", "sizeGuide": "SIZE GUIDE", "moreInfo": "MORE INFO", "addToCart": "ADD TO CART", "seeAll": "SEE ALL", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK", "selectSize": "You must select a size." }, "it": { "colours": "Colore", "sizes": "Taglie", "sizeGuide": "TABELLA TAGLIE", "moreInfo": "VISUALIZZA ULTERIORI DETTAGLI", "addToCart": "AGGIUNGI AL CARRELLO", "seeAll": "VISUALIZZA TUTTO", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK", "selectSize": "Seleziona una taglia." }, "fr": { "selectSize": "Veuillez sélectionner une taille", "colours": "Couleur", "sizes": "Tailles", "sizeGuide": "GUIDE DES TAILLES", "moreInfo": "VOIR PLUS", "addToCart": "AJOUTER AU PANIER", "seeAll": "TOUT VOIR", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK" }, "de": { "colours": "Farbe", "sizes": "Grössen", "sizeGuide": "GRÖSSENTABELLE", "moreInfo": "MEHR SEHEN", "addToCart": "IN DEN WARENKORB LEGEN", "seeAll": "ALLE ANSEHEN", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK", "selectSize": "Bitte wählen Sie eine Größe." }, "nl": { "colours": "Farbe", "sizes": "Maat", "sizeGuide": "MAATTABEL", "moreInfo": "BEKIJK MEER", "addToCart": "IN WINKELWAGENTJE", "seeAll": "ALLES BEKIJKEN", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK", "selectSize": "Selecteer uw maat." }, "es": { "colours": "Color", "sizes": "Tallas", "sizeGuide": "TABLA DE TALLAS", "moreInfo": "VER MÁS", "addToCart": "AÑADIR A CARRITO", "seeAll": "VER TODO", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK", "selectSize":"Por favor, selecciona una talla." }, "pt": { "colours": "Cor", "sizes": "Tamanhos", "sizeGuide": "TABELA DE TAMANHOS", "moreInfo": "VER MAIS", "addToCart": "ADICIONAR À CESTA", "seeAll": "VER TUDO", "outOfStock": "OUT OF STOCK", "selectSize": "Por favor seleciona o tamanho." } } }