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The Timberland Chino Trouser Style Guide


The Timberland Chino Trouser Style Guide

From easy-going casual to classic formal looks, here’s everything you need to know about styling these trusty wardrobe staples.

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If you're looking for a wardrobe essential that can switch seamlessly between smart and casual, chino trousers are the perfect go-tos. The ultimate blend of comfort, durability and classic style, these beloved trousers have a rich history. Plus, they adapt to any setting - be it an office meeting or a relaxed weekend away. So read on for our ultimate guide, with styling tips, care instructions and more.

What are chino trousers?

Let's start with the basics. What exactly are chino trousers? Chino trousers are a classic trouser that’s most often made of lightweight cotton or a cotton-blend fabric. One of their defining features is their pockets. The front ones are most often flat and slightly diagonal. At the back, you'll generally find two welt pockets, which maintain the trousers’ sleek profile.

Chinos can come in a variety of fits, including slim-fit, straight-leg, and relaxed-fit. However, most chinos incorporate some degree of tapering towards the ankle. This allows for a neater look and also draws attention to the shoes you’re wearing.

History of chinos

The term "chino” most probably comes from the Spanish name for the toasted beige colour of the original trousers. Chinos were first made in the mid-19th century for the British and French military.

Back then, the trousers were designed to be simple, durable, and comfortable, enabling soldiers to move easily in battle. The American military also adopted chinos during the Spanish-American War.

Post-war, soldiers brought chinos back to the home front. Soon, they became popular among everyday people, especially among college students of the 1950s and 1960s.

How to style chinos

From everyday at the office to formal evening events, rooftop drinks and more, chinos are super versatile. Here are our style tips for making the most them:

How to wear chino trousers for men

When it comes to how to wear chinos for everyday, opting for a crisp white button-down and a pair of brown loafers is a great way to start. It’s a classic look that works just about anywhere. Plus it can easily transition day to night.

Want to get a more casual vibe from your mens chino trousers? Swap the button down shirt for a cotton t-shirt or polo. Then grab a pair of white or neutral tone sneakers.

For a more dressy occasion, choose a darker pair of chinos, like navy or charcoal. Then match with a crisp dress shirt, a tailored blazer, and polished leather shoes.

Off on a long-awaited vacation? Chinos are a great choice, so pop a pair or two in your luggage. For a casual day at the beach, pair some sandy-toned chinos with a breathable linen shirt or a classic white tee. Rolled cuffs can give your outfit a laid-back vibe. Then, when the sun sets, a darker pair of chinos matched with a crisp button-down shirt and loafers can be the look perfect for dinner - beachside or elsewhere.

How to wear Chino trousers for women

When it comes to how to style chinos and trousers for ladies, the options are just as diverse, if not more. For a chic but casual look, pair your chinos with a fitted blouse or t-shirt and trainers or statement ankle boots. Add some accessories like a chunky watch or eye-catching pendant necklace to complete the look.

If you're heading to the office, swap the casual top with a button-down shirt. Then throw on a tailored blazer if it’s chilly, or pop on a silky scarf. Pair with heels or smart loafers.

For formal occasions, grab a pair of tailored chino trousers and pair with a silk blouse or a sequined top. When it comes to shoes, opt for high-heeled sandals. If you want to keep it formal and wear flat shoes, pick out some boat shoes in a darker colour. Finish with some statement jewellery.

Of course, chinos are also great when it comes to holiday clothing for women. For a relaxed beach outing, opt for chinos in bright or pastel shades, paired with a breezy tank top or a bikini top for a chic, sun-ready ensemble.

If the vacation calls for a more dressed-up event, black or navy chinos teamed up with a stylish blouse or a light summer blazer can create an elegant yet comfortable outfit. Strappy sandals or wedge heels add a touch of glamour.

Benefits of chino trousers

Chinos are well known as comfy and durable bottoms. But another big advantage of these versatile trousers is their ability to transition from one season to another. Thanks to their lightweight fabric, they are breathable and comfortable in warmer weather. Then, when the temperature drops, they still keep in the heat. Plus, they can be layered with thermal wear for added warmth if it’s really chilly.

Additionally, chinos are very easy to care for. Most are machine-washable meaning you can just pop them in with the rest of the laundry. However, to make sure your chinos stay in good condition, it's best to wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. If you notice any wrinkles, opt for a quick iron on low heat.

Your perfect pair of chinos

Looking for your next great pair of chinos? Timberland chinos are a great choice thanks to their quality, comfort, and sustainable style. Plus, they provide maximum comfort, whether you're running errands, heading to the office, or enjoying a night out. And remember to check out our tees, shoes and jackets to complete the look, wherever you’re headed.