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Dominique Drakeford - Nature Needs Heroes


Dominique Drakeford
Eco-conscious style advocate and educator.


New Yorker Dominique Drakeford is Chief Curator of the blog Melanin & Sustainable Style (MelaninASS) and a co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn. As a social sustainability writer, ethical style influencer and environmental educator, Dominique works to promote inclusivity and equity to bridge the gap between the mainstream and targeted communities most affected by climate change.

Through style and fashion, Dominique promotes sustainability.

“I hope to become a change agent both behind and in front of the camera. Sustainable fashion focuses on an ethos that does less harm to the planet while giving agency to black and brown indigenous communities. By looking at the entire supply chain we can find ways to instil change. I believe marketing, public policy and education needs to drastically evolve in order to shift our collective consciousness. The fashion industry has a beautiful opportunity to inspire change.”

Dominique believes we all have a responsibility.

“Creating sustainable fashion requires everyone to participate–voices from all across the value chain. We need that kind of diversity and stakeholdership.”

Dominique believes a hero for nature is someone who is able to take one step forward.

“This is someone who has an ounce of fear, but a big dose of confidence. Build community and act locally right where you are.”