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Holiday fashion from around the world


Holiday fashion inspiration from around the world

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There are some timeless trends that have no fashion language barrier. Summer holiday trends come and go, wherever you come from, but there are some global fashion pieces that will always stand the test of time.

Forget over-packing, we’ve come up some of the key holiday essentials to escape with this summer.

Stylish sneakers

A carefully chosen pair of stylish sneakers should allow you to pack light or any holiday trip. That’s because they should work with pretty much anything and everything in your wardrobe, from a smart pair of chino trousers (for him), to more relaxed and laid back pair of cargo shorts. A favourite summer dress will carry a great pair of sneakers rather stylishly too. The Kiri Up Sneaker is one of our top travelling companions. Not only do they accessorise a summer dress beautifully, each pair also comes with two-part EVA midsole for maximum comfort Very handy if you’re planning on touring your holiday destination by foot!

Some strappy sandals

Whether they’re killer heels, chunky wedges or comfy flats, a pair of strappy sandals is another summer staple that deserves a place in any holiday suitcase. Comfortable sandals for women in leather are usually the best option, as they offer better breathability on hot days. Our Ortholite range is ideal for its comfortable foam insoles and unique moisture control technology. Our other top tip? Treat yourself to a pedicure before you slip into any new summer footwear. If you’re going to show off your toes, they may just need some post-winter TLC first.

Boat shoes for him

Timberland Boat Shoes are another super-versatile summer classic, whether you’re off to sail the high seas or strolling the city on a weekend break. If you’re after footwear that goes with anything and everything, look no further. These timeless hand-sewn shoes add effortless style to both shorts and long trousers.

The essential sun hat

UV rays are a major cause of premature skin ageing, so alongside your daily SPF, global travellers should keep a sun hat at the ready. If the catwalks are anything to go by, statement straw hats will be a key look this summer, otherwise, we say you can’t go wrong with a classic baseball cap to accessorise any holiday outfit. They fold up small, so won’t take up too much room in your beach bag or travel backpack and they work as well for activity holidays, as they do on the sun lounger.

A great pair of shorts

Choosing men’s shorts can be a tricky business. How short? Baggy? Or tailored? Patterned? Or plain? The best way to find your perfect pair is by trial and error. In other words, try lots of pairs on before you decide what style you like best. We say you can’t go wrong with a pair of relaxed cargo shorts and more tailored chino shorts for summer. This versatile duo can both be paired up with your favourite T-shirts for daytime, or instantly dressed up with a crisp white shirt after dark.

The classic Polo shirt

Polo shirts were invented in the late 19th century with buttons to stop horseback player’s collars from flapping in the wind. Nowadays most have dropped their buttons and you don’t have to own a pony to wear one. They’re still a timeless essential worn all over the world today. With no age limit, they fit seamlessly into that sartorial space spanning both casual and formal. Choose a classic navy, black and white, or add a vibrant pop of colour or pattern for a statement look.

A really great bag

Printed backpack, denim backpack, lightweight backpack or tote bag - you’re spoilt for choice. Take your pick, as long as it’s roomy enough to house all your travelling essentials. Backpacks are the perfect explorer’s accessory, whether you’re out in the wilds or exploring the city and a stylish tote dresses a holiday outfit up or down, whatever the occasion.