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Inna Modja - Nature Needs Heroes


Inna Modja
A musician, an activist, an example

Jemma Finch x Timberland Sustainability

Inna Modja comes from a place where you can really see climate change.

It is impossible for me to look the other way. In the Sahel Region and the desert of Mali, I deal with people who really live with climate change daily and I share their stories. They are all involved in the Great Green Wall, a plan to push back the Sahara by planting trees to re-green and preserve lands while giving people jobs. These people are amazing examples of how we can create change.

Inna is an international musician, entertainer and activist. She uses her platform to show people what we are actually doing to the planet. “A lot of people are not aware. I can share messages through music. I write songs about the environment and talk to people during shows. I share real stories to get others interested.” In some places Inna has visited, women and girls walk miles just to get clean water, which means no time for school or jobs. The desertification of the Sahara is pushing others away. “They cannot farm, so they migrate. For them, climate change is a permanent war.”

Inna believes all entertainers have to be responsible when it comes to the environment. “We have a big platform, so we need to share the issue. The message is that we can do this together.”

According to Inna, anyone can be a hero for nature just by being involved.

“Do something on a daily basis. If you are aware of the little things you can do, making small changes at a time, you will find yourself doing more and more. Recycle every day, buy fair trade products, research clothing, food and coffee – at every step of the day you can do something. There are no small efforts. If we all do a little bit, we’ll get there.”


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