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Jack Harries - Nature Needs Heroes


Jack Harries
Filmmaker for environmental awareness.


One of today’s biggest challenges with the environment is how to communicate about it. That’s where London-based documentary filmmaker Jack Harries comes in.

“It’s a communications issue. I travel to the places most affected by climate change and communicate what’s happening in new, creative ways, to inspire people to take action.”

“One thing I aim to do is change the perception of environmentalism. Growing up it was never cool to be an environmentalist, which seems crazy to me because we all rely on the health of the environment. I want to make it cool. I want young people to grow up to be environmentalists.”

Jack says his passion for nature comes from his joy of being in it.

“I’m most happy when I’m swimming in a wild pool near a waterfall or being in a big green space.”

The catalyst for Jack’s career was a trip to Greenland in 2015.

“When I saw a huge piece of ice breaking off into the sea, I decided to commit my life to the environment.”

Being a hero for nature can simply be a change of perspective.

“The most fundamental thing a young person can do is just start asking questions. Where does my food come from? Where do my clothes come from? What’s the fuel that powers this car, train or plane? Once we start asking those questions, we can lift the thick veil that protects us from seeing what those processes are.”

Through his work, Jack hopes to see more people out in the streets protesting and demanding action for climate change.

“I’d like to see the environment at the heart of everything we do, because it is, we’ve just forgotten that.”