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New Year Resolutions: The Timberland Inspo



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As we say sayonara to 2018, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Make some new year resolutions Timberland-style to kick-start your year the right way.

You know how it goes. Every New Year’s Eve, the clock barely has time to strike twelve before talk turns to resolutions. But don’t you sometimes find all those best intentions a little hard to stick to?

When it comes to dressing up or down, Timberland is here to make your new year style resolutions simple. With our carefully crafted collection of clothes and iconic boots and shoes, any seasonal wardrobe makeover should feel as laidback as a walk in the park or leisurely stroll in the city. And what’s more, these resolutions come rooted with sustainability and adventure in mind.

Make style investments

With the excesses of the festive holiday at the forefront of all our minds, the new year is the time to be mindful of excess spending. Sure, it’s always liberating to restock a wardrobe, but shop wisely. Exercising some sartorial restraint is our top tip for January 2019. Avoid over-investing in fast fashion and opt for quality pieces instead. You will end up with less ‘stuff’, and more staple pieces you’ll still be wearing next Christmas.

Our Elements Pack Special Editionboots are the perfect long-term trend investment as we head into a shiny new year. These boots are limited edition and inspired by the elements - choose from Fire, Air, Water, Earth and the mysterious 5th element. As well as looking effortlessly stylish, each pair is crafted using highest quality certified tannery leather and makes a colourful new year statement (they come in a kaleidoscope of colours).

Meet your go-to footwear for the foreseeable future.

Explore new places as much as you can

Are you dreaming of your next urban adventure? Perhaps you’re lusting after something more remote? We recommend that you make travel and exploration top of your agenda in the new year. Learning about new cultures and new languages could open the door to opportunities you’d never thought of before. If you’re struggling to get out of your town or city, try find somewhere you haven’t been before to explore your cityscape in a new way.

Invest in some comfortable, function kit and make the city your new gym. With high-rebound cushioning and lightweight sole design, our Aerocore range is made for urban walking. Looking for the perfect footwear partner to get you through those miles on the asphalt? This is it.

Embrace earth-friendly fashion

Make more environmentally- friendly fashion choices. At Timberland, earth-friendly sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we’re still making our Earthkeeper boots 10 years on. Each pair is lovingly crafted using as many recycled materials as we can incorporate into the process.

Recycle and donate

Being green shouldn’t stop this Christmas. Why not take your efforts into the New Year?

Whether you’re simply bored or have worn out your shoes and clothes, don’t forget to recycle them. Recycling old garments and clothing has never been easier, with drop off points at local dumps and lots of supermarkets nationwide.

We’re really committed to eliminating textile waste here at Timberland. You can use our Second Chance scheme and drop off your used footwear to a participating Timberland Retail and Outlet store throughout Europe. We don’t care about what condition or brand they are. They are then sent to a Traid, a charity which works to stop clothes from being thrown away. They may then be given a second chance at life in a charity shop, depending on condition, quality and style.