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The Origins of an Icon: The Original Yellow Boot


The Origins of an Icon: The Timberland Original Yellow Boot

A true icon doesn’t always start out as one. Though many limited editions have come and gone since, it was The Original Yellow Boot that started it all. Becoming the canvas for American fashion, sport and life, even the boot’s creator, Sidney Swartz, didn’t expect his simple, rugged design to take the world by storm.

From humble origins

Now a favourite of fashion icons and celebrities, including Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell and Rihanna, the story of The Original Yellow Boot is one of the American dream. From blue-collar beginnings in New Hampshire, the 6-inch original was created for the hard-working residents of this state.

Constructed with 39 components using 80 separate steps, these ankle boots were built to take on hard, wet and cold winters and give ultimate comfort during any everyday task. Yet despite their owner’s unfaltering attention to detail, many thought that putting this boot at the base of his rural Massachusetts business was a bad idea.

“Making an all-leather boot that was waterproof was considered to be ridiculous,” Sidney recalls. “Nobody thought that made any sense at all.”

Yet once it was spotted on the feet of some of the nineties’ biggest hip-hop artists, the durability and style of The Original Yellow Boot turned it into a true icon, changing the face of Sidney’s Abington Shoe Company forever.

The Yellow Boot

A comfy favourite to a fashion icon

From waiters to builders and musicians to craftspeople, Timberland boots (as they came to be known) became the perfect pairing to any outfit, as well as providing ultimate comfort and support. 

Although new versions of this style have been created over the years, such as the 8-inch design, very few details have changed on The Original Yellow Boot. With hex-shaped brass eyelets and Taslan laces, the tenacious attention to detail is just one reason why this design continues to be popular. 

The signature yellow nubuck leather is also at the heart of this boot’s enduring design. Completely waterproof, it helps to keep your feet warm and dry in all conditions, with sealed seams, four-row stitching and injection-moulded soles permanently bonded to the top of the boot. 

This style and durability mean Timberlands suit every lifestyle, making them a must-have fashion item that also gives ultimate comfort. 

Iconic Boot in black

Built for everyone

Whether it was NBA superstar Allen Iverson redefining sporting fame draped in fur minks and Timberland boots, or supermodel Cara Delevingne pairing them perfectly with sleek dresses or sweat pants, there’s no sidewalk or catwalk that The Original Yellow Boots haven’t walked.

In Europe, Timberlands became the ultimate symbol of “Made in the USA, while the Asian market embraced them as a way to express their individuality. In America, our boots have always been as at home on the docks of Lake Michigan as they are on Ivy League college campuses. 

From rainy job sites to studio jamming sessions, this icon has become instantly recognisable. With its unique design, durability and style, Timberlands were built to be one-of-a-kind, which means you’ll always find the perfect boot for you.

Timberland Boots: Unlike Any Other

Built with quality craftsmanship and rugged American ingenuity, The Original Yellow Boot set a new standard for durability in footwear. Although the design hasn’t changed much since, we’ve improved our technology to make today’s Timberlands even more comfortable and hardworking. 

Leather that lasts a lifetime

Our unerring attention to detail and use of the finest materials means that, with the Timberland stamp, you know you’re getting footwear of the highest quality. With our premium waterproof nubuck leather upper, for example, you can be sure that your feet will stay dry and comfortable on any terrain. 

Signed, sealed, and stylish

Along with sturdy and stylish eyelets and laces, our waterproof boot’s seam-sealed construction makes sure your feet stay dry and warm through both work and play. Plus, our lightweight EVA cushioning and shock absorption mean you can take on heavy loads or tough terrain, with a rubber lug outsole that will help you grip to any surface.

Our boots always get better

We incorporate the latest footwear technology to provide exceptional comfort and durability while staying true to our original design. Getting back to the roots of our iconic boot, we upgraded them to include PrimaLoft® insulation to keep your feet cozy, even in freezing temperatures. 

Sustainability on the mind

We know that individuals who wear Timberlands love to explore the outdoors. That’s why we make sure our boots are produced in an environmentally-friendly way. Like all of our other products, as many eco-friendly materials and processes are used to produce The Original Yellow Boot as possible. For example, we use at least 50% leather tanned in a facility that’s rated Silver or higher by a third-party environmental audit. 

Made for individuals

The Original Yellow Boot is designed to help you take on any adventure in style. Team them up with a casual dress for a comfortable summer look, or climb into your waterproof jacket and head out into the wind and the rain. Now a style icon for over forty years, our Original Yellow Boot was made for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd, without having to shout about it.