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Seasonal style guide: 12 outfits to wear with your Timberland Adventure Oxford Trainers


Seasonal style guide: 12 outfits to wear with your Timberland Adventure Oxford Trainers


Timberland’s Adventure Oxford Trainers are designed to be as comfortable and durable as all the footwear we make, but there’s more of a nod to street style than to conquering the great outdoors or working in harsh conditions. What people like most about them is their versatility. They’re casual enough to wear with your weekend fashion but some among the range also have a hint of formality about them, which means you can wear them for work.

Here are our 12 seasonal looks that you can carry off with your Adventure Oxford Trainers.

1. Winter overcoat

Whatever you’re wearing underneath, you still need to look good in an overcoat, and our Adventure Trainers set you off in the foot department. Try Alpine Oxford dark brown trainers for a grounded look with comfort in abundance when you’re walking the city. It doesn’t matter if your overcoat is formal or casual, either – some of our Adventure Trainers are pretty low-key and can be worn with a suit, as we’ll show below.

2. Straight jeans

With the hem of your straight jeans sitting neatly on the top of the trainers, you’ve instantly got a laid-back look whether you’re off to the match or catching up with friends in a bar. The great thing about our trainers is the way they go with pretty much any style of jeans. You can opt for a brand new pair of straights or that pair that’s been through more washes than you care to remember – they’re going to look great.

3. A suit

You think you can you pull off the trainer and suit look? With one of Timberland’s more subdued colours of Adventure Trainers, sure you can. The suit and trainer combination is nowhere near as edgy as it might have been way back when. Things have slackened off much more now, so the look has a real Silicon Valley vibe to it, which can lend it high-performance or aspirational undertones. Still, you’ll be making a statement that people won’t forget, whether you’re suited up to pitch to a client or celebrating one of your best friends getting hitched.

4. Hoodie and loose jeans

The ultimate in casual for the festival or the holiday, a simple understated hoodie and loose-fitting jeans go a long way, all rounded off with a pair of dark green cupsole Adventures, of course. The hoodie’s just right for those long days from late spring to early autumn, when you’re probably still outside when the sun goes down. You’ll never look overdressed or underprepared, and with a decent pair of good quality jeans, you can move on to a bar, restaurant or cinema after a day outside.

5. Black jeans and suit jacket

Choose your jacket well and the jeans/jacket combo really can work. Go for something slightly light and loose, nothing too formal – blues and tweeds always fit, for example. A shirt underneath is OK, and maybe even a tie as well, as long as it’s a fashion tie rather than a silken business one. But the trainers, jeans and jacket combination does seem to feel more balanced if you wear a T-shirt or light sweater under the jacket. Round the look off with black Adventure 2.0 Oxfords and make your entrance.


6. Cargo shorts

Summer’s looking hot, so keep yourself ventilated and barbecue-ready by donning your loudest cargo shorts, polo shirt and red cupsoles, all topped off with a straw trilby (strictly for sun protection, you understand). It’s a testament to the eye for detail that goes into Timberland Adventure Trainers that they can be worn like this, in what’s probably the most easy-going look in the wardrobe, and still set the tone perfectly.

7. Tapered jeans

A well-fitting pair of tapered jeans are neat and flattering, and they work perfectly with all our cupsole trainers. You’ll give off a pitch-perfect tone of smart and casual, equally appropriate for a modern office and the obligatory Friday night drinks after a busy week. Tapering can draw attention to the shoes, which is great, but you might prefer a darker trainer to balance the look perfectly. Try a pair of Timberlands for size.

8. Cord casual jacket

The classic borg-collared corduroy jacket makes a statement, be it in brown, blue or black. It’s super casual when you’re out and about, be it popping out for pizza or queuing outside the club with your mates. The iconic furry collar and lining mean you’ll never be accused of being too formal, but nor can it be said you haven’t made an effort. Wear it over a casual T-shirt and dark chinos, with a pair of grey Oxfords keeping your feet on the ground.

9. Blue jeans and check shirt

The classic American blue-collar look is the ultimate statement of approachability, effortless style and a sleeves-rolled-up, can-do approach to life. If it’s important to you, it also happens to be the ultimate in no-maintenance fashion, where keeping it casual doesn’t detract from the solid and reliable silhouette a heavy shirt brings. Any pair of Adventure 2.0 trainers finishes the story.

10. Jeans and knitwear

Perfect for autumn walks before the weather turns, throw on your most casual knitwear, an old pair of beloved jeans and a pair of Adventure 2.0s for a look straight out of New York City. A good chunky knit means you can forgo the coat when the sky’s blue, so make sure it’s something bold and beautiful – a decent cream Aran goes over blue jeans like a dream, but a dark V-neck over a lighter T-shirt is a flattering look with layering options for when you’re in and out of buildings all day.


11. Brown chinos

Slip on your brown chinos and break up the colour with a pair of beige 2.0s. Brown always works best when it’s mixed with other contrasting shades of brown, or perhaps a pale blue, yellow or pink. Try not to mix it with black or white shoes, though. You’re looking for autumnal shades and the contrast can overwhelm the subtle earth tones. Throw on your favourite spring sweater and you’re good to go.


12. Beige jeans and a black parka

Wherever you live, you’re sure to be sampling the Christmas markets, so do it in warmth and style with a pair of beige jeans a black parka. Parkas come in the complete range, from a simple fashion style with exaggerated fur, to the latest in breathable, water-repellant, thermally efficient coats for the wildest of weather. That choice is down to your needs and your budget, but it’s hard to go wrong with a parka. Finally, make sure you step into your black Oxfords – you never know where these evenings are going to end up.