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What to wear with Chinos


What shoes to wear with chinos


Everyone has their own idea of what chinos represent. Some can’t shake off the original rather formal, military-style of chino, which invariably came in beige or light cream. But others have a much more open interpretation of the trouser – after all, it was always a style rather than a colour. They see chinos as much more of a formal/casual crossover trouser, that’s equally at home in an office situation or out in the city on a Friday night.

So that brings us to the next question: how to wear chinos. Occupying this blurry line between smart and casual, you’ve got plenty of options for shoes and other garments to complement your chinos. Let’s address the most common chino questions now.

What shoes should I wear with chinos?

Because of the semi-formal nature of chinos, you can wear them with almost any style of shoe. Whatever you wear with jeans, you’ll also be able to wear with chinos, but because of the more orderly silhouette, a pair of smart shoes won’t look out of place.

A good pair of chukka shoes will set off a pair of chinos. Brown chukkas go with traditional beige or navy chinos, obeying the style rules for any social event and many modern business events.

When you’re really chilling, a pair of loose-fitting straight chinos look perfectly in place with your favourite trainers. Put on your pair of Timberland dark chinos and step into your white trainers.

Because chinos tend to be tailored close to the calf, chunky boots might be a struggle to wear with them, although a pair of our Timberland Chelsea boots will sit snugly underneath and work well.


How do men wear chinos?

The beauty of chinos is that they don’t have a set outfit, as dress trousers do, but they’re sharper than jeans, which means you can smarten up your act and they won’t look out of place. Jeans with formalwear can look like you’re trying too hard.

For men who love chinos, this is their best-kept secret. You really don’t need any jeans if you have a few colours of chinos and you will always find something to wear with them. Try a Timberland light casual shirt with beige chinos. You can even throw on a raincoat or smart jacket and you’ll still look the part.

Got a work meeting or presentation? Again, your Timberland chinos are almost certainly perfect as they suddenly become less informal the moment you wear a buttoned-up shirt and neat shoes. Chinos really are that versatile.

What can I wear with grey chinos?

Grey’s neutrality means you can wear grey chinos with a wide range of different coloured shoes and tops. If there’s a rule, it’s probably that you shouldn’t wear more grey. Black or brown shoes are fine, and with a dark burgundy or brown top, you’ll be perfectly balanced.

As with all apparel, what you wear with your grey chinos depends on the occasion. Off to a cocktail party? Pair them with a dark jacket, coloured shirt, black shoes and you’re looking good. If the occasion is casual, a loose T-shirt or sweater will work well, teamed with trainers or casual shoes.

How do you style chinos?

Because they can be relaxed or formal, chinos can be styled just like jeans, but can also be worn with business attire. They work equally well with trainers and a T-shirt as they do with smarter shoes, a shirt and a jacket. It all depends on the occasion and the season.

For typical summer events, from barbecues to weddings, you’re guaranteed to fit in with a pair of Timberland chinos, just choose your footwear and tops in accordance with the formality. The same applies to autumn and winter events but use more layers with a jumper. (Some of our chinos are made in corduroy – a good choice for the cooler months)

But when you need to dial up the smartness, your trusty chinos will still be up to the job. Timberland dark chinos are particularly good for the most formal settings and with a pair of our Oxford shoes, you’ll feel comfortable and confident.


How do you wear olive green chinos?

Olive green chinos are on-trend and pair up with a surprising range of clothing. Your white trainers look great, as will brown shoes or beach shoes. Up top, a khaki T-shirt or a checked shirt will finish the look flawlessly.

You’re guaranteed an authentic laid back look whenever you slide on your Timberland green chinos. Pair them with a white t-shirt and trainers when you’re out with mates or wear a not-too-dressy shirt and optional tie with dark shoes if you’re at work. Same trousers, same colours, two entirely different looks.

How do you wear blue chinos?

If you’re used to wearing jeans, you already know how to style a pair of blue chinos. Whatever shoes, trainers, shirts, sweaters and jackets you wear with your blue jeans, they’ll be equally at home with your blue chinos. But thanks to the versatility of chinos more formal options are also possible.

Timberland blue chinos are perfect for when jeans are too informal, but a suit would be far too stuffy. This could be whenever you want to present a more professional appearance but also a wide range of social occasions. Most of the time, though, you’ll probably just be wearing them while going about your everyday business, dressed down and supremely comfortable.

The perfect compromise

Chinos straddle the formal/casual boundaries so effortlessly, it’s a wonder jeans and trousers get a look-in. But as we’ve shown, they really can be worn in a range of situations and you won’t feel out of place. It all comes down to how you wear them, what you wear them with and what colour choices you make. But ultimately, you’re wearing a pair of smart, comfortable trousers, and that’s really all that matters.