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What are the best sandals for summer


What are the best sandals for summer?

As the weather warms up, it’s time to soak up as much sun as possible. So when it comes to stylish summer footwear, sandals are a must-have. Ideal for keeping your feet cool as you explore city streets and perfect for slipping on before a garden BBQ. They’re a staple for every hot-weather wardrobe.

With a range of women’s and men’s sandals to choose from, having a few tips in mind will help you find a fit and style that suits you best. Get ready to find the right footwear for your summer fun.

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What are the different sandal styles?

Characterised as an open shoe that’s attached to the foot by straps, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to sandal styles and designs. With different heel sizes, colours and materials available, it should be straightforward to find sandals that support your feet and look great.

Here are some of the most common sandal styles:

  • Ankle-strap: these have a single strap that attaches around the top of the ankle. They’re a flattering style that looks great with shorts, dresses and skirts

  • Backstrap: this style has a strap that attaches around the rear of the heel to create a casual, low-profile look that’s great for everyday

  • Cross-strap: with two straps across the front of the foot, these slide-in sandals are ideal for wearing in the garden or on short trips to the beach or a bar

  • Thong: also called flip-flops, these sandals join with a strap between the two biggest toes and can be backless or not. With maximum openness, they’re one of the coolest sandal styles

  • Trail: if you’re heading out on a hike but don’t want your feet to overheat, then trail sandals are ideal. They combine foot protection, support and openness

  • Boot: for statement summer footwear, look no further. Combining the chunky style of boots with the openness of a sandal, they’re supportive, cool and comfortable

What are slider shoes?

Sliders for women and men are another popular sandal design. Otherwise known as slide sandals, they’re so-called because feet can be slid in and out of them. With an open back and a single thick strap across the foot, their comfortable style makes them ideal for moving from the beach to the bar.

Available with a flat or chunky heel, slider shoes can be worn with any summer outfit. Take some flat sliders around in your beach bag to move from sea to sand to shower easily. Alternatively, ease into some chunky sliders for a comfortable, casual yet stylish look.

How should sandals fit?

Sandals should fit comfortably and support your feet while also keeping them cool in the hot weather. As temperatures rise and you move in the summer sun, your feet will sweat and increase in size.

It’s important to keep this in mind when trying on sandals, as you will need to leave some extra room so your feet don’t rub on the straps or soles in the heat. Also, keep in mind the following tips to get the best-fitting sandals:

  • Make sure each sandal is slightly wider and longer than your actual foot. This will give your feet room to expand and ensure they fit comfortably in the sandal’s sole

  • Look for a sole that contains arch support and midsole cushioning. Especially if the heel is flat, this will keep your feet comfortable, especially if you already suffer from foot pain

  • Choose a material that’s high quality, soft, lightweight and breathable. This will keep your feet comfortable, even in hot weather

  • Test out the straps to make sure they won’t restrict movement or start rubbing as your feet get hot. There should be ‘wiggle-room’ between your foot and the straps, but not enough to fit a finger between them, especially at the top and back

  • Don’t buy a sandal if your feet are overhanging at the back or sides, slipping out, altering the way you walk or causing pain

How to stop sandals from rubbing the top of your foot

Even your most comfortable sandals can start to rub in hotter temperatures or when you’ve been moving a lot. If your sandals are rubbing the top of your foot, it's likely to be because the straps are too tight or because your feet are sliding around in your shoes.

To stop straps from rubbing the top of your foot, you can try adding tongue pads to the back of sandal straps to give you extra cushioning and keep the skin protected.

How to choose the best sandals for summer

To find the best sandals for summer, it’s important to balance the three factors of purpose, sustainability and style.

Your first consideration should be how you’ll use your sandals the most. For example, if you’re planning on hiking up mountains and racking up miles on foot outdoors, then trail sandals will keep your feet supported and comfortable. Alternatively, if you want a stylish pair of sandals to go with every summer outfit, then some ankle-strap heels are a great option.

Most importantly, the sandals you choose need to match your summer style. For casual beach-goers, sliders or thonged sandals are an easy style to slide on and off. Alternatively, fashionistas can enjoy the cool vibes of backstrap sandals with a heel. With a range of women’s and men’s sandals, wherever this summer takes you, make sure you choose a pair of sandals that suits your sense of adventure and style with Timberland.