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How to have an eco-friendly Christmas



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Whether you’re planning for the festive season or still in summer mode, here’s some advice on how to have an environmentally friendly Christmas in 2018. Christmas is a time for indulgence and celebrating the best in life. However, it’s also important to be aware of the environmental impact that this time of year can have.


Using recycled materials and ensuring that you recycle unwanted items and materials is the key to a green Christmas.

If you’re keen to go green, consider using recycled materials whenever possible, and try to avoid using any unnecessary paper or plastic for packaging your presents and food. A great way to cut down is to consider e-cards instead of physical cards, and use recyclable bags when you shop.

To reduce your plastic use, try to avoid using cling film, plastic cups and plastic plates or cutlery – and please don’t buy any toiletries that contain microbeads. Sadly these are still found in many common bathroom products like soaps and face scrubs.

The Second Chance shoe recycling program

The Second Chance program means that you can give your used shoes back to us to be recycled. You can bring them into a participating Timberland store and we will handle the rest. They can be in any condition - no matter how scruffy, and any brand.

We’ll even give you 10% off your next purchase the trouble! Perfect timing for your Christmas shopping. You can read more over on our blog.


Indulging is an important part of the Christmas season, but it’s important not to get too carried away in order to avoid wastage.

Environmental organisation Friends of the Earth recommends organic meat and free-range to reduce your carbon footprint, although eating less meat or even considering some vegetarian options, such a meatless starter, can go a long way in minimising your environmental impact.

Friends of the Earth also recommends turning your leftovers into new meals to cut waste. This is also a great way to save money and get creative with your family. Avoid buying more food than you need (especially perishable items), and, wherever possible, try to find ways to minimise your use of plastic packaging.


According to research published in the New York Times, real trees are significantly more environmentally friendly.

Not only do they look great, but real trees are associated with about a third of the annual carbon emissions as an artificial tree, when the latter is used for the average of six Christmases.

Many real trees are also replanted after use, for example, they can be donated to conservation groups and used as wildlife habitats. If you if you have a garden you could even replant your tree there and use it as a bird shelter.


Christmas is about fun and gifting but you can make your festivities have a lesser impact on the environment by purchasing greener gifts.

We’re passionate about minimising our environmental impact at Christmas and all year round, which is why our bootsare made with eco-friendly materials to help you feel good about what you wear and what you purchase. We have also set targets so that this only improves.

OurEarthkeepers bootsare made with strict environmental standards. These products are designed with recycled materials, and the leather-making process is less harmful to the planet than traditional methods. Plus, these boots include linings that are made with 50% recycled PET – a type of plastic used to make drink bottles. They are the perfect gift for the eco-conscious.