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Timberland opens Amsterdam’s first ever Jamgarden


Timberland opens Amsterdam’s first ever Jamgarden In collaboration with Kazerne Reigersbos

Timberland empowers the local community with the launch of ‘The Jam Garden’ in one of Amsterdam’s most creative breeding grounds.


A creative outlet for young people

Over the last few months, Timberland have been working closely with the local community and Mary Asmellash from Kazerne Reigersbos, to bring new life to a previously unused space with an ambitious urban greening project.

Maru and the community have worked hard to bring this shared vision to life, creating a city garden for and by the community. A space intended to empower creativity and entrepreneurship, offering youth a springboard to a greener and better future.

Working with the community

The ambitious transformation of a concrete space into a lush green haven has only just started and is situated within the South East of Amsterdam. The creative community of this area is an important pillar of creativity among Dutch youth.

‘’Per square metre I think Southeast is one of the most diverse spaces on earth’’

It’s a place full of creativity but with a lack of opportunities. The Jam Garden will be a green vibrant place for them to come together, share ideas and host all sorts of creative events – from gardening workshops to poetry slams and jam sessions. A place to be proud of.


The collaboration aspect of this project was just as important as the end result. The community are invested from the very beginning, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility for the space. A space where they can come together, share their passions and learn about others.

Small changes make a big impact

With most of the people involved in creating the space having no gardening experience, the process was a great example of how small changes can make a big impact.

This is an ethos Timberland champions and demonstrates around the world, encouraging change on a grass roots level to not only bring communities together, but also improve the environments we live in to benefit the planet and improve our own mental well-being.


Inspiring change

The Jam Garden is a platform for young people to come together and share their talent, starting a movement in the neighbourhood that brings out the best in everyone.

‘’It’s colourful in more ways than one and you feel that, you feel that spirit’’

This urban-greening project will in time be a green hangout by and for the community, empowering and celebrating diversity.

The idea was to take the positive state of mind nature gives us and bring that into the city to give people something uplifting which in turn inspires. Taking something grey and making it green, creating a space which is alive and welcoming that people can enjoy on a daily basis.

Timberland is building stronger communities all over the world through urban greening. We believe it drives individual well-being, creativity and social cohesion.

Caring is no longer enough.

Nature Needs Heroes.