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What is urban farming and how do I do it?


What is urban farming and how do I do it?

For many people, it’s hard to beat the convenience factor of living in a metropolis. Walking to the shops in minutes to pick up what you need is just one advantage of city living. For the city-dwellers out there who crave a bit of the natural world, consider urban farming to serve your community (and your conscience) for the better.


Here at Timberland, we are guided by a higher purpose. Since 1952, we’ve committed to preserving and protecting the wider world we live in. As we head into a new decade, repurposing land to “grow local” is a vital part of our sustainability mission.

Together, we can work towards a net-positive impact on the environment. Read on to discover how our signature purpose comes to life through urban farming today.

Hold on, how does urban farming work?

Urban farming, also known as urban gardening, is widely known as the process of growing food in a city landscape. From a backyard – for those lucky enough to have one – to a balcony, millions of people have worked towards finding a solution to growing and sourcing food in metropolitan settings.


Often confused with community gardening, urban farming is a powerful way to create a wide range of resources on unused land and other under-utilised spaces. Generally, community gardens focus more on the social benefits of having green spaces in cities and building social links, while urban farms are more business orientated and aim to sell their produce. From growing local food to building bridges across neighbourhoods, urban farms contribute to the fabric of modern society.

Have you ever walked by a vacant lot that’s bursting at the seams with greenery? Chances are the soil has been painstakingly divided, loved, and worked to grow something beautiful. This transformation reflects the change that this way of working is creating: whether you are seeking a higher purpose or simply a new hobby, urban gardening is here to stay.

Score major benefits right in your backyard

Urban gardening is a sweet (and sustainable) deal for you, your community, and any city as a whole. As well as providing potential employment options for disadvantaged groups, many urban farms help with food security for those in need.

We aren’t kidding when we say that the benefits of urban farming are huge. By growing food much closer to where you eat it, we can all redefine what it means to eat “local”. Whatever community means to you, there’s nothing like building something new and getting to know your neighbours along the way. Who doesn’t love to bond over fresh food, right? Think how much better it will feel when you’ve grown it yourself, too.


Countries around the world are embracing urban farming as the future.

Sustainability is another major plus here. Growing your own food so close to home results in minimal packaging and fossil fuel emissions. This can help to reduce your environmental footprint. By trading your shopping trolley for a trowel, you are instantly helping the natural world.

Urban farming really is simple

While the concept of donning gardening clothing and growing your own food may appear daunting, anyone and everyone can embrace this trend in a few simple steps. Grab your gloves, waterproof boots, and boot wipes before you head out to explore. Plus, don’t forget your rain jacket in the event of a downpour.

If you’re not quite ready to become a backyard farmer, consider working with an innovative urban farm. Look online for opportunities in your city, or enquire around your neighbourhood and request relevant information on where to start.

If you have a friend or group of friends who have thrown themselves into finding a new hobby, why not recruit them to rent out a plot together? Some urban farms let you invest in a specific area within a wider acreage of land. Make some memories and delicious food by splitting the cost with a friend (or three).

What gear do I need when backyard farming?

As you plan out your new innovative urban farm, make sure you grab the right equipment to set yourself up for success. First off, you’ll definitely need a strong pair of Earthkeepers boots. Our personal favourite? The Timberland 6 inch boot will keep you durable and stylish all season long.

From planting your first seeds to watching your produce grow and tending to your crops, you need some strong gear by your side to help you out on the farm. When it comes to footwear, the right style is key to guarantee warmth even when wet. You can’t go wrong with a suede and nubuck construction to last you through those endless bad winters. And of course, a waterproof jacket is an absolute must.

Go ahead, make it messy

Maintaining an urban farm requires balancing a delicate ecosystem. On top of watering and weeding, the weather could take a turn for the worse, or you may need to grapple with nearby pollution: more likely in an urban setting than the countryside. With Timberland by your side, you can tackle any challenge with ease.

For all of you shoe lovers out there, please note that shoe protector spray is a must. While there’s no need to bring your shoe cleaning kit with you every day, it’s a good idea to spritz a bit of protective shoe spray every few days to keep your leather or suede boots from drying out or getting damaged.

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Additionally, a boot brush or shoe brush can help get rid of dirt and grime with ease after your next urban farming adventure takes you into the mud. With a solid bottle of protection spray and a cleaning wipe, you can dive into the dirt without fear.

Are you frustrated by salt staining your shoes as temperatures drop and snow starts to fall? The shoe protection solution is the original BootRescue protector spray. While boot rescue is a favourite in the Timberland family, there are a wide variety of options out there to protect your shoes before you hit the trail.

Grow friendship and food in your backyard

You may be wondering: is urban farming actually fun? The short answer is absolutely. It involves some hard work, too, but there is truly nothing like growing your own fruit and vegetables while still enjoying the benefits of city living.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned outdoor explorer or a novice to nature, urban farming is a sustainable way to build community and expand your own horizons. Together, we can work towards keeping Mother Nature free and looking gorgeous.

Grab your adventure trainers, and get going

Here at Timberland, we walk the path towards a purposeful profit. Join us in making the natural world damage-free in the future. Go ahead, become a backyard farmer today!