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Black boots vs. brown boots - which style is best?


Black boots vs. brown boots - which style is best?

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Classic yet timeless, a pair of boots is a must-have for a night out or an evening in. While boots are a style staple for any wardrobe, there’s much debate around whether black or brown leather boots are best for daily wear.

When choosing between black leather boots or brown suede boots, keep in mind a few key factors, including the type of trousers you’re wearing with them, your preferred accessories, and where you’re headed. Black boots are considered a bit more formal as dress shoes, while brown boots can offer a vintage, retro feel.

How do you know what style is best for you? From autumn hikes to summer adventures, let’s explore the benefits of brown boots and black boots for daily wear.

How to wear black boots

Perfecting your outfit depends on the type of style you’re aiming for. A pair of black Chelsea boots pair well with trendy skinny jeans and a crisp button-down. If you’re looking for a casual look, then pick the Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot.

If you’re not quite sure how to style your new black shoes or black suede boots, not to worry. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • A blazer & boots: If you’re hoping to dress up a casual look, layer a sleek blazer over your favourite pair of well-worn denim jeans. Then, throw on a pair of black boots before you head out the door.

  • A button-down & boots: A crisp white button-down shirt or blouse paired with black boots and a chic set of trousers is a great way to start your day.

  • A dress & boots: Keep in mind that you can also wear boots with dresses and skirts. Ankle boots add an edge to bright dresses. Plus, a pair of tights with boots render dresses of any length suitable for all seasons.

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How do you wear black Chelsea boots?

Black Chelsea boots pair best with neutral colour schemes and simple accessories. A pair of blue jeans or chino trousers are a fail-safe option if you’re unsure where to start. Then, finish the outfit with a black leather jacket or neutral bomber jacket.

Whether you’re heading out for dinner or a simple walk in the park, Chelsea boots have become a style staple for men and women alike (and it’s easy to see why). Simple to style and even simpler to love, Chelsea boots work well with jeans, a suit, and everything in between.

For a classic twist on loungewear, pair your new black boots with a pair of jeans and a casual button-down shirt. A smart dress watch and matching metallic belt buckle will tie the look together.

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How to wear black ankle boots

Black ankle boots pair well with anything, and how you wear them depends on the weather and your own style. Pair them with cuffed jeans and a long coat in the winter months. As temperatures rise, complement a mini dress or shorts with black smart boots and a pair of sunglasses.

Ankle boots are one of the most versatile footwear on the market. Usually hitting at or just above your ankle, they work well for both casual and formal events. As you transition your wardrobe to a new season, tuck a pair of trousers snugly into the top of your boots. Slightly higher ankle boots pair well with skinny jeans and a breezy blouse.

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Is it OK to wear a black watch with brown shoes?

You should try wearing a watch that matches your boots and outfit. The general rule of thumb is that leather complements leather. Much like you would match your belt and shoes, you should also coordinate your watch strap with your wardrobe. 

For many, a watch is a singular expression of style and personality. When pairing your watch and shoes, keep an eye out for key features, including the style of the leather, the formality of the occasion itself, as well as your other accessories. For instance, coordinating leather accessories is essential for a black-tie event, but a mismatched look might be more accessible for sharp casual or even casual wear. 

A pair of brown leather boots pairs best with a dark brown belt and corresponding watch with brown leather straps. 

How do you wear brown ankle boots?

Style brown ankle boots with jeans, trousers, cropped pants, or even a dress or a skirt, depending on the occasion. Versatile yet on-trend, brown ankle boots can add interest to any wardrobe and easily be dressed up or down.

Brown Timberland ankle boots

Much like knee-high boots, brown ankle boots work well with skinny jeans as well as dresses and tights. If you’re just heading out to the shops, pair brown ankle boots with a light wash denim and a cosy sweater or sweatshirt. For a more formal night out, trade your jeans for a summer skirt or dress.

What do you wear with black Oxfords?

Black Oxford shoes can be styled with almost any colour for a polished feel. For a more formal occasion, pair your black Oxfords with a suit. Pay attention to the width of the shoe. Slimmer black patent leather Oxford Shoes with a cap toe are widely considered more formal than wider alternatives. 

Now that you know how to style black boots and brown boots, it’s up to you to decide which is best. Shop Timberland’s New Arrivals today and level up your style game. Whether you wear one or the other (or both), you can’t go wrong here – hit the road running with Timberland by your side.