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Finding the right bomber jacket for your wardrobe


Finding the right bomber jacket for your wardrobe

To find the right bomber jacket, pay close attention to fit, fabric, fastening style, and colour. Keep an eye out for quality fabric that’s durable, and hardware that can handle years of use in a colour that aligns with your individual look.

Pairing practicality with bold design, the right bomber jacket can serve as a statement piece that can stand the test of time. Plus, advanced features like the latest waterproofing insulation, wind flaps, and breathable design can carry you through anything and everything life has in store.

Model wearing blue bomber jacket

How to wear a bomber jacket 

When it comes to bomber jacket styling, always pair the right layers with your new outerwear. For a more casual look, layer your bomber jacket with a classic white t-shirt and black jeans with sneakers. If you’d prefer an elegant approach, opt for a collared button-down with chinos.

Above all, the best bomber jacket outfit showcases your own unique style. As high fashion as it is relaxed, this versatile wardrobe staple is a must-have for any collection.

But, are bomber jackets supposed to be tight? No. Bomber jackets should rest loosely on your hip, and the fitted cuffs must never fall above your wrists. While the cuffs should be relatively tight, the collar of the jacket should sit comfortably on your neck. When in doubt, invest in a bigger size to allow for ample layering in inclement weather.

Why is it called a bomber jacket? 

Bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets, got their name from their extensive use in the military and air force during World War I and World War II. While originally used to keep fighter pilots warm mid-flight, bomber jackets have become a style icon around the world. 

Before they blew up your social media feed in modern-day, traditionally bomber jackets were the outerwear of choice for pilots and police at the start of the 19th century. Their cropped length and looser shoulder seams allowed for necessary freedom of movement and critical durability.

Model wearing beige bomber jacket

When was the bomber jacket invented? 

The original bomber jackets were also known as “flight jackets.” Created by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917, they were typically made from leather with a fun fur collar to keep pilots warm in uninsulated cockpits susceptible to the open-air.

Initially invented for their functionality and durability, they have now become sought-after for their immense style potential. From Kanye West to Steve McQueen, celebrities and political figures alike have popularized this timeless piece for decades. 

What material is a bomber jacket? 

The design of a bomber jacket varies depending on the season. For instance, leather and fur-lined jackets are ideal for mild temperatures, but a winter bomber jacket is made of thicker, sustainable fabric to optimise temperature control. 

Here at Timberland, we like to make some material magic by producing bomber jackets with a sustainable approach. Our winter bomber jackets are constructed with thick ReBOTL™ fabric made of at least 50% recycled plastic.  Since we’d rather turn plastic bottles into jackets rather than landfill waste, you can shop with Mother Nature in mind.

Unlike the knitted cuffs and funnel neck buttons of a Harrington Jacket, a bomber jacket can feature an added pocket on the sleeve in addition to slanted side pockets. 

When can I wear a bomber jacket? 

The beauty of the right bomber jacket is that you can wear it with anything. It makes the ideal outerwear choice for denim, chinos, or any other type of casual trouser. For warmer weather, layer it with a simple tee. As temperatures drop, a sweatshirt will do the trick.

Model wearing black and yellow bomber jacket

If you’re hoping to weather the winter months in style, invest in a bomber jacket that’s specifically engineered for colder temperatures. If you want the style minus the bulk, you can’t go wrong with Timberland’s array of bomber jackets which allows you to zip-in additional layers with ease.

What colour bomber jacket should I get?

When browsing for your next bomber jacket, you should choose the right colour for your wardrobe and lifestyle. A classic, unadorned bomber jacket in neutral browns or greys will go with anything. If you’d prefer a casual look, avoid a black jacket which may appear too formal.

Plus, a bold inner lining of a bomber jacket can also make or break your look. A few of our Men’s Bomber Jackets have an eye-catching orange lining that adds another layer of personality to daily wear. Plus, subtle sage green or navy blue inner fabric can add dimension to your outfit.

To wear a bomber jacket well, the right fit is vital. That’s where we come in. Shop Timberland for the ultimate bomber jacket for any adventure. Then, seek out the unexpected!