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What shoes to wear with jeans


What shoes to wear with jeans

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Black or blue jeans are an eco-conscious necessity in any wardrobe and can easily adapt depending on your needs. The key to creating a well-rounded outfit lies in pairing your jeans with the right set of shoes for every occasion.

As you evaluate what shoes to wear with jeans, rest assured there is a range of options available to you. Trainers or boat shoes are ideal for a more casual occasion, but a more elegant material such as suede or leather shoes are preferable for a formal event. To transition from a gruelling day at work to an evening out, trade your deck shoes for a pair of penny loafers with skinny jeans.

The main concept to keep in mind is that darker tones lend themselves well to more formal occasions, while light denim and grey or white shoes complement each other well. Consider whether you cuff the trousers’ hems, evaluate whether to opt for socks or go without and simply tie the laces of your shoes in a more innovative way.

From smart shoes to casual footwear, we shall examine what footwear to wear and how you plan to wear it before you embark on a new day.

How do I know which shoes to wear with jeans?

The type of shoes you wear with jeans depends on a few factors. Keep in mind the formality of the occasion, your desired fit, and the kind of jeans you plan to wear with them. If your profession necessitates hours on your feet, opt for Timberland 6 inch boots rather than ballet flats.

For a casual approach, pick a pair of white or black trainers. Wear a sleek leather jacket or denim jacket to add another casual element.

What shoes to wear with black jeans

Black trainers or boots can be teamed up with black jeans to create a casual outfit, with different shades of dress shoes being suitable for more formal occasions. Alternatively, black dress shoes work well with smart black pants and blue denim looks great when paired with brown or grey shoes.

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The versatility of black jeans makes them a great base for any outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion with a wide range of shoes. Boat shoes or trainers are a great casual option, polished loafers can smarten black jeans up for work, or white, coloured or suede shoes can create a stylish contrast.

How do you wear loafers with jeans?

To dress up your denim, a pair of loafers is an excellent option. Casual loafers or black boat shoes can work with light, straight leg jeans or even khakis. For a more work-friendly look, pair a brown pair of suede loafers with a matching leather belt and a button-down shirt.

Slip-on shoes make for the ultimate smart-casual yet classic ensemble, but there remains some lively debate regarding whether one should wear socks with your loafers or boat shoes. We recommend cuffing the hem of your jeans when worn with socks, particularly if you prefer pattern. Consider opting for no-show socks (or none at all if wearing deck loafers) for less formal occasions.

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What shoes with skinny jeans are best for men?

Wondering what footwear to wear with skinny jeans? From Chelsea boots or Timberland boots to classic leather Oxford shoes, the options are varied and versatile. In the end, Chelsea boots are optimal because they offer a sleek silhouette and work for all seasons.

Skinny jeans are both modern and stylish, yet not all shoes will work well with skinny jeans. Due to the tight-fitting style of denim, shoes with larger and more obtrusive soles are not ideal because they make your feet appear awkward against the slim silhouette of the trouser leg.

Ankle boots, loafers, or trainers work better than bulkier shoe styles by striking the ultimate balance between style and function without proving to be too overwhelming.

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Can you wear Oxfords with jeans?

Yes, while Oxfords are universally considered dress shoes, there is no reason not to wear them with jeans. Oxford shoes can dress up a casual outfit when paired with the right layers.

As you plan your style approach, balance the look with a white button-down shirt paired with a blazer. If you’d prefer a more casual look, wear your Oxfords with a white t-shirt and bomber jacket. Ultimately, Oxfords are ideal for transitioning your denim from day into night with ease.