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How to remove stains from leather or suede boots


How to remove stains from leather or suede boots

Removing stains from Timberland boots

At Timberland, we pride ourselves in using only the finest raw materials to allow you to face the every day in all elements. So, why should a stain on your new boots have to dampen your day?

We’ve put together a guide tailored for you, with all the methods and tips you need to help you remove the dirt from your day and ensure that stains don’t stay forever.

Removing general dirt and scuff marks

The first step to looking after your Timberlands is learning how to take care of the everyday dirt the elements will throw at you.

How to remove dirt from leather boots

  1. Lightly brush your boots down to remove any excess mud.

  2. Use a soft cloth or sponge soaked in warm, soapy water to clean evenly.

  3. Gently dry with a towel before leaving your boots in a ventilated area overnight to dry.

How to remove dirt from suede boots

  1. Lightly brush your boots down to remove any excess mud.

  2. Take a wire brush and brush down the boot evenly, focusing on any darker spots or marks.

For stubborn scuffs on both our nubuck leather and suede, use an eraser bar - as found in our Dry Cleaning Kit- and rub over the affected area to erase it.

Top Tip: With suede, brush in the direction of the shoes’ fibres to avoid damage.

How to remove water stains from suede or leather boots

Of all the elements, water stains are the most likely to affect your boots, but it’s very easy to take care of these pesky watermarks with a similar care routine for both materials. The aim is to dampen the affected area, encouraging a uniform dry to eradicate the stain for good.

  1. Dampen the area around the stain using room temperature water. (For leather - use a soft cloth or sponge. For suede - use our Suede Restorer Brush.)

  2. Gently rub or brush the moisture into the shoe, focusing on the stain itself.

  3. Leave your boots in a well-ventilated area to dry, making sure to stuff them with paper if they are suede. This will ensure the shape of the boots is held.

Top Tip: Don’t stuff your suede boots with newspaper when drying, as the ink may run and damage your boots!

Removing tough stains

Removing salt stains from suede & leather shoes

Removing salt stains takes another step of cleaning but it still follows that same fool-proof method you’ve familiarised yourself with. These steps work for both our nubuck leather and suede Timberlands.

  1. Firstly, brush off any excess salt that may be on your Timberland boots

  2. Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and rub this mixture into your boot using a soft cloth

  3. Using a fresh cloth, wipe away the vinegar residue

  4. Leave your boots to dry overnight in a well-ventilated environment

Removing grease stains from suede & leather shoes

One of the more daunting stains to be faced with, but it need not be if you have the right solution to hand.

  1. If the stain is still wet, carefully blot the area with absorbent paper or tissue.

  2. Take an absorbent powder - such as talcum - and sprinkle over the stained area.

  3. Leave your treated boots overnight - don’t rub the powder in.

For suede boots, follow up by taking our Timberland Suede Brushand brushing over the area. For our nubuck leather, simply rub off the powder the following morning.

Protecting and preventing

To keep your Timberlands looking newer for longer and prolong their life, a little care goes a long way. If you regularly brush your boots to stop dirt build-ups it ensures the longevity of our materials, especially with our signature Nubuck leather. Use a restorer brush to finish them off for that new-boot look - this can be used on both suede and leather.

Want to take it a step further? Use a foaming cleanerto eliminate any marks or blemishes. Simply apply the product evenly to your boots using a sponge applicator and scrub them clean. For preventative care, invest in a stain repellent sprayto protect against water and other stains. We’ve got you covered with our Product Care Kit; it contains everything you need to keep your boots gleaming for longer.

Now that your boots are clean, here's some inspiration for how to style our Original Timberland boots.