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How to style the 6-inch Original Timberland boots


How to style the 6-inch Original Timberland boots

If Timberland has a flagship product, it’s our 6-inch Original Boot. It’s what many people think of when they hear our name, and it’s the boot that helped launch us onto the global stage. What started out as a sturdy, warm, utilitarian piece of footwear was adopted by hip hop artists and made the world start to view them as fashion items too.

That’s how they have become entrenched in the fashion world and available from mainstream retailers on the high street. What we created was a versatile, bold and beautiful shoe that has a number of fashion applications. Here are some style tips from the experts.

How are people styling ankle boots?

Ankle boots are being worn with practically anything nowadays. They go perfectly well with loose or skinny jeans, short dresses and skirts, shorts or canvas trousers. The overall style you’re trying to achieve will determine whether you go for a formal or rugged pair.


In the summer months, a pair of light ankle boots set off a loose-fitting playsuit or jumpsuit, or wide-legged trousers. When winter comes, the boot comes into its own and gives firm grounding to a trouser and long coat combination. For guys, ankle boots tend to be chunkier and are usually worn with straight jeans or combats.

What outfits should I wear with Timberland boots?

The beauty of Timberland’s yellow boots is that they make a statement whatever you’re wearing them with. They’re often successfully paired with streetwear or smart casual dress, but they’re now so iconic that fashionable clothing just seems to work with them, just like a classic pair of trainers.

We’ve already seen Mabel and her dancers rocking Originals at the Brits, in what might seem like an unusual pairing given the outfits, but of course, it worked perfectly. You’ll have seen the familiar Yellow Boots looking amazing at the foot of a pair of stressed denim jeans, but we’ve seen time and again that if you’re stylish, they won’t let you down whatever you’re wearing with them.

Can Timberland boots be styled with different pants?

Timberland boots were designed to be worn with pants in the workplace, so they naturally make the perfect combination. Since they became fashion items, people have experimented with canvas, loose, skinny and patterned pants, and everything always seems balanced thanks to the classic styling.

We’ve already written about the way Timberlands can work with a wide range of styles of trousers, with the likes of Pharrell Williams proving it. You don’t always have to feel like they are boots that can only be worn with jeans. The Timberland look has been successfully pulled off with shorts, leggings and even some semi-formal outfits like a summer suit or long floral dress.

What are some outfit ideas to style timberland boots?

The great thing about Timberland Originals is that their quality and vivid shade stands out with a host of outfits. While jeans, sweater, T-shirt or shirt are their most common accompaniments, the sky’s the limit with Timbs – dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers look superb too.

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A bit of London in Berlin \ud83d\udda4 @timberland_eu | ad,anzeige As the air gets nippy and the leaves start to change, one of the things I look forward to most is the chance to wear layers again and to take my Chelsea boots for a walk \ud83d\udc62 @zalando #timberlandcollective #timberland #zalandostyle

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If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the #TimberlandCollective hashtag on Instagram. It’s where everyday people share their clothing stories and show us how Timberlands complete their looks. The striking thing is how well they complement the complete range of tastes – formal, casual, sports, active and even refined, delicate styling.

Timberland Original Yellows – always on trend

As we’ve seen, styling Timberland boots is pretty simple as they go with almost anything. That’s especially true in the current fashion climate where contrast and expecting the unexpected make for winning looks. Find your perfect men’s and women’s boots in our massive range, and start pairing them … with anything!

Now with added Pride!

The first half of 2020 will be remembered as the time the world stayed in, as Covid-19 swept around the globe. While incomparable to the loss and anxiety felt by those directly affected, a sad side effect has been the cancelling of sporting, arts and fund-raising events.


As with June every year, June 2020 is Pride Month, celebrating the progress of LGBTQ+ causes around the world, usually with colourful parades taking place in every major town and city where people are allowed to be free. There’s no way all the progress made on Covid-19 was going to be jeopardised by holding these carnivals, so this year they’ve all been cancelled – making a great dent in charities’ fundraising opportunities.

That’s why Timberland is stepping in to do our bit. Take a look at our magnificent Pride Boots, based on the iconic 6-inch Premium Boot, but in pure white with rainbow logos and laces.

Fabulous, aren’t they?! With every purchase of these limited edition boots for Pride 2020 made between 8th June 2020 and 8th November 2020, we’ll donate €1 to ILGA World (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association). The boots are strictly limited edition, so grab them while you can – and step outside with Pride!