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How to wear Timberlands


How To Wear Timberlands

Timberlands: whether you’re a fan of our classic boots, casual sneakers or our timeless boat shoes, there’s a way to wear them that’ll be right at home in your wardrobe. We’ve looked at our favourite ways to style the most recognisable pieces from across our collections, bringing you a starting point straight from the people who know them best.

How to wear your timberlands

Nail the iconic workwear look

When you think Timberland, you think of the shoe that started it all, our original 6-inch boot, so there’s really no other place for us to start when it comes to styling our footwear. The workwear aesthetic is fashionable season after season, combining practicality and versatility with a flair for the creative.

Where to start? Pick a bold shade of boot, whether it’s our unmistakable yellow or a darker hue, and pair it with straight-leg jeans for the relaxed outline that’s crucial to the look. Make sure your chosen shade of denim contrasts strongly with the boot: we like classic blue jeans against our lighter boots and a neutral shade with richer colours.

Once you’ve got that nailed, the rest of your wardrobe can be seasonally rotated, with plain shirts for spring and autumn and a rugged jacket for the winter months.

Cold weather dressing

There’s nothing better than a sturdy boot and jacket combo to see you through the colder seasons. What’s our answer to that? Parkas. The classic, never-amiss parka jacket is such an essential part of your wardrobe it’s worth hunting for the one that goes with everything.

Wear it with denim, or a skirt and thick tights, or even with chino trousers once the weather turns a little warmer; this really is a power piece for anyone who likes to be prepped for everything the season throws at you.

Parkas and other casual coats go best with ankle boots, like the Chelsea or Chukka boot. Choose whichever shade you like, as this style of coat often comes in khaki green or neutrals, which are a cinch to colour complement.

How to wear your timberlands

Framing an outfit with a statement

Let’s talk framing. This concept involves layering - not always literally - your outfit around a single statement item, and building a revolving set of looks that mix and match well with the main event. Timberland boots are made for this aesthetic, with our distinctive laces, padded cushioning and chunky rubber soles. Combine that with a shape that’s instantly recognisable, and you’ve got a showstopper before the rest of the outfit is even picked out.

Any of our boots work well as a framing device, but if you feel like working from scratch for the ultimate expression of your personality, it’s hard to beat our bespoke option for designing your own Timberlands.

How to wear your timberlands

Contemporary denims

It’s time to talk denim. Probably the most resilient fabric in the fashion world (because when has it not been part of your wardrobe), denim has moved with the times beyond simple cuts and colours to some of the most on-trend shapes.

The secret to keeping it fresh: pair it with the right shoes. Our straight cut jeans are made for the classic Timberland boot, thanks to the long lines through the leg and our modern block denim colouring. Pair the look with our basics collection of neutral t-shirts and shirts, and you’ll have an updated take on the iconic jeans + boots combo.

Prefer to dress casually? Opt for relaxed cut jeans with a colourful t-shirt, and finish it off with a contrasting pair of sneakers. Slim and regular fit polos also work well here, and are our top picks for that after-work aesthetic.

Look good, whatever you do

So, we’ve given you some choices for how to wear Timberlands, but with an iconic shape, contemporary colourway and construction that stands the test of time, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. From 6-inch and ankle boots to casual boat shoes and sneakers, pair these enduring classics your way, for looks that’ll go down well, whatever you get up to.

How to wear your timberlands